Lightroom Metadata-Viewer Preset Builder

If you use Adobe Lightroom you will very likely find this to be very useful.

In the Library Module, on the right side there is a “Metadata” panel that has built-in presets like IPTC, EXIF, Large Caption, Minimal and All. These are all ok, but if you’re like me they all either have fields you don’t want to see, or they are missing some fields that you do. What I end up doing more times than not is just set it to All and then scroll up and down hunting for the fields I need.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just pick the fields we want to see and create our own presets? Even the most current version of Lightroom (2.1 as of this writing) still has no support for this. But thanks to Jeffrey Friedl, we can create our own Metadata Viewer presets showing exactly the fields we want to see! In fact, this very excellent tool has been available since Lightroom 1.1. The tool he created is called “Jefferey’s Lightroom Metadata-Viewer Preset Builder”, is described in detail here, or you can jump right to it by clicking here. Even though it says that it is for Lightroom 1.1 it works perfectly well with Lightroom 2.1. I discovered Jeffrey’s Preset Builder the other day after finally getting fed up with the limited set of presets supplied with Lightroom. When I first found it, I figured by the title that it would likely not work with the current version of Lightroom, but was pleasantly surprised to find out it still works great! I’ve built a couple of custom presets and finally the Metadata panel looks the way I’ve always wanted to! Now I can get the fields that I always use to fit on the screen without having to scroll!

Thanks Jeffrey!  I just wish I would have found this sooner!