Mini-quad rebuild

On Labor Day I hooked up the power backwards on my flight controller and it immediately destroyed all 4 ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) as soon as I connected the battery!

It was a really embarrassingly stupid move on my part and an expensive lesson. The Flight Controller itself was fine as it’s protected against reverse polarity, but the ESCs were not. Got new ones in the mail by Thurs and then spent two nights taking it all apart and rebuilding almost everything.

Here are some pictures

Starting point...

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Had to strip it down to here and then build it all back up. This is the PDB (the red board is the Power Distribution Board) and in the shrink wrap is a Team Blacksheep Core PNP 50. It cleans the power and adds OSD (On Screen Display) to the video. This lets you see your voltage and other info on the screen in the goggles.


A video after getting everything working and back up in the air…


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