Sugarloaf Mountain Photography is born!

Sugarloaf Mountain Photography – DOB: June 2008!

Sugarloaf Mountain Photography was started this past June of 2008. This is my first attempt at starting a business, and at this point I’m not entirely sure yet where this is going to go. But, what it does do for me right away is give me a name to operate under for work I have done in the past such as Web Development and Web Design. But adding my photography to the mix is what I’m most excited about right now. Since most web development does require at least some photography, this seems like a logical extension to what I have been doing up to this point. I’m interested in just about any type of photography, but Portrait work, with strobes and flashes, where you get to completely control the light is an area that I’m learning a lot about right now, and I’m finding it to be quite compelling. The more I learn about it, the more I’m being drawn into that type of work. I’m really curiuos right now where this is going to lead because only a few months ago I would have told you I would never have an interest in this area. But things change and that’s what makes it all so interesting, right?

The Website

What I want to do with the website is to have a place to put family-related photography such as my daughter Tera (who has a pretty large fan base even though she is only 6!), and also a blog where I can share information and ideas. The Coppermine Gallery has been mainly used for family photography in the past and that’s what I’ll continue to use that for. What I really want to do next is create a new area where I can keep only my best work and use that to start working on a portfolio. I think that creating this new site and new blog is kind of setting the stage for some of these things I’ve wanted to do.

The Blog

This new blog is going to be a place where I can share things that find interesting and/or helpful in my process of learning photography. What I don’t want to do with it is post the same things you already see on other blogs or new sites, like the latest Adobe release and stuff like that. I want to focus more on the lesser known stories, books, DVDs, tips, tricks or whatever that I’ve come across and that have influenced me in a positive way, or just plain changed the way I do or see something. There probably won’t be a whole lot of posts coming through on this blog, and that’s because I’d rather not post anything than post things that no one cares about, or things you’ve already seen or read on other blogs.

Those are my thoughts right now as I’m setting up the new site and blog. Where this actually ends up going might be somewhere else entirely. Time will tell, as it always does.